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About Little Forest Flowers: Crafting Nature's Stories

At Little Forest Flowers, we believe in the magic of floral arrangements that tell unique tales. Our team of dedicated florists is driven by an unwavering passion for bringing the beauty of nature to life through imaginative and distinctive creations.

Crafting Beauty with Nature: Nature serves as our greatest muse. We infuse the spirit of the outdoors into every arrangement we create, resulting in visually captivating and emotionally resonant works of art. Each petal, stem, and leaf comes together to tell a story, whether it's a celebration of love, a moment of solace, or a gesture of appreciation.

Fresh Blooms at Your Doorstep: With our daily floral delivery service in Singapore, you can experience the joy of fresh and stunning blooms every single day. 

Signature Colour Schemes: Explore our curated signature colour schemes – Bright and Beautiful, Peaches and Pastels, Clean and Green, and Berry Blush. These palettes offer an array of vibrant hues, allowing you to select arrangements that perfectly match your mood or preferences.

Seasonal Beauty, Daily Delight: Our daily flower arrangements are a testament to the ever-changing seasons. By adapting to the availability of blooms throughout the year, we ensure that you receive the freshest and most exquisite flowers. Hand-arranged by our skilled florists each day, your arrangement will reflect the current beauty of nature.

Ordering Made Easy: Placing an order with us is simple. Our team is here to assist you from Monday to Saturday. To provide you with the best experience, we kindly recommend placing your orders 24 hours in advance. Our flower delivery service covers every corner of Singapore, with convenient time slots: 10am to 1pm and 1pm to 5pm.

Thank you for choosing Little Forest Flowers to be part of your special moments. Let the essence of nature and the artistry of our florists come together to create memories that bloom forever.

Warmly,  Rachel Mung

Little Forest Flowers
Little Forest Flowers

From my earliest days, the presence of flowers has graced my life with a sense of enchantment. It's safe to say that I've been immersed in the world of flowers since childhood. Those moments spent assisting my mother in her flower shop formed the very foundation of my affinity for blossoms.

Prior to bidding adieu to my demanding corporate career, I found solace in the strokes of Folk Art painting. Among all my creations, those that captured my heart the most were inevitably those depicting flowers. No matter where my explorations led me, they always circled back to the allure of petals and blooms.

When retirement embraced me, I resolved to deepen my understanding of floristry. Embarking on a journey of learning, I enrolled in a comprehensive floristry course and achieved professional certification. This decision stands as one of the finest I've ever made, and the story that unfolded thereafter is one I cherish.

Each and every bouquet I weave comes to life with an abundance of affection. It's a testament to my devotion, an expression of love that unveils the innate splendor of every flower. Whether it's a handcrafted bouquet destined for a cherished loved one or an arrangement designed to grace your wedding, my passion is to allow the blossoms to speak their own beautiful language.

For me, flowers are not just an art; they're a symphony of emotions, memories, and love—woven delicately, painted vibrantly, and cherished eternally.

Our Testimonial
Engaged Rachel from Little Forest Flowers for our wedding. Rachel had guide us since the start of our flowers selections and checked in with us if we need any help along the process. The flowers arrangement was beyond expectation and left us in awe! We have received many compliments from family and friends on the flowers and highly recommend everyone to check them out. Little Forest Flowers made our special day more memorable and cant thank them enough for the beautiful flowers :)
- Myra
I made a cold call to Rachel to conduct a private Xmas wreath making class to celebrate my BFF's birthday. Best decision ever! Rachel was personable and engaging, guided us closely and gave us many helpful suggestions to beautify our wreaths. With her patience and encouragement, we each returned home with our beautiful personalized creations. Looking at it daily sparks great joy! Special shout out to Raymond, Rachel's husband, who also kindly lent a hand to position our pine leaves or helped with an extra tug of the wire. Thoroughly enjoyed our session! Thank you Rachel and the LittleForestFlowers!
- Jas
They did such a GREAT job with the flowers at our wedding that the guests took them home. We also received many compliments on them. The hotel manager was also so impressed with the quality and arrangement of their flowers that he took down their contact details for future partnerships. You won’t regret working with them!
- Jeri Ong
The florist Rachel really make the order of my bridal bouquet and floral table arrangements so smooth and so easy. The bouquet is so vibrant and so beautifully crafted! What can I say....?! They all exceed my expectations! I received so many praises for them and they truly make my special day even more special and joyous! Thank you, LittleForestFlowers for being a blessing to us today! Don't you just like all the colors put together?! They exude my personality!
- Ros Chan
I am happy with the services from little forest flowers. I’ve ordered a blue hydrangea with white baby breath to match to my solemnization theme and she did helped me to create a very beautiful bouquet in good size and shape that’s exactly what I was looking for. She has also offer her help to make a corsage (which wasn’t part of my order request) which perfectly match to my hand bouquet. I will definitely purchase from little forest flowers again for my wedding.
- Chrysan Teo
The florist Rachel managed to meet all the expectations of my bridal bouquet... And can I say, even beyond my expectations! When I asked for vibrant colours, she really gave me what I wanted! The floral arrangements for the tables were also too pretty! I received alot of compliments for the bouquet and the colours did brighten up the whole occasion! Thank you so much!
- RC Tan